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UFC 2 gets a new content update

EA's released a new content update for UFC 2 on both PS4 and Xbox One. The update adds quite a lot to the game, such as item exchange and the ability to edit your fighter’s appearance in career and ultimate team at any time.

Here's the full list:

- All-New Item Exchange: A brand new way for you to get more powerful items in UFC Ultimate Team. Exchange five items in your Collection for a brand new random item that is a level higher. - Exchange better items for a higher chance of getting rare fighter showcase moves items.
- Added the ability to edit a created fighter’s appearance at any time in Ultimate Team and Career Mode.
- Added the display of the winning move, the player’s best move and the opponent’s best move after an Ultimate Team fight in the post-fight menu.
- Added the ability to view more details about the fighters in Live Event fights.
- Strike Intercept: Strikes landed within the opponent’s initial wind up phase of a strike will halt them from completing their strike.
- Stockton Slap – 209 move added.
- If a parry is mistimed, the block is not activated automatically.
- Reduced speed of clinch attempts.
- Improved AI logic for submissions and game plans.
- Elbows and Punches in Muay Thai Clinch cannot intercept transition attempts.
- Swaying away from the opponent will put the fighter at risk for higher body damage.
- Bottom fighter is given Grapple Advantage after escaping finish the fight into back side.
- Increased grapple advantage is given to bottom fighter while top fighter strikes in side control
- Made the bottom fighter’s transition to side control from back side uninterruptible by strikes
- In sprawl, the bottom fighter will now slowly accumulate grapple advantage, making escapes easier the longer they are held in that position.
- Tuned damage on uppercut combos.
- Clinch and Takedown attempts punish more when denied.
- Updated Attribute/Perks/Moves for various fighters.

Edited On 13 Apr, 2016

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