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PlayStation VR is top when it comes to Brand Awareness, says report

Superdata has released results to a new poll, which suggests that PlayStation VR is on the top of people's list when it comes to virtual reality.

According to the site, Sony is ahead of the curve thanks to it releasing units early to developers and also by selling it's hardware at brick and mortar stores come launch, something that can't be said for its competitors.

"PSVR will be this year’s winner when it comes to high-end devices, taking on 69% of PC and console’s combined shipment totals this year," says the site, which leaves HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and other to fight for the remaining sales. 

SuperData Virtual Reality Brand Awareness

And now that we have devices, what will be the content, and who is the consumer?

- 6M Americans say they intend to purchase a PlayStation VR this year versus 5M for Oculus Rift and 2M for the HTC Vive; however, production will not be able to fulfill PC headset demand at the current rate.
- 28% of Americans have heard of PlayStation VR versus 22% for Oculus Rift, 21% for Samsung Gear VR and just 5% for the HTC Vive.

Most Americans are still not sure what the technology is:

- 52% are uninterested in purchasing a device or do not know what VR is
- Only 16% are sure they will purchase a device at some point
- 26% say devices are too expensive
- 49% have not heard of any headset brands

So there we have it. Are you interested in VR, if so what brand appeals to you?

Edited On 13 Apr, 2016

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Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston's avatar
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 9 months ago
I'm interested in PSVR, but not for at least a year. I want to see uptake, support & software. As nothing appeals to me at the moment. There are a few perfect VR candidates P.Cars, No Man's Sky, Alien Isolation. We'll have to wait and see
Anonymous user's avatar
PHILIP 9 months ago
I agree Dave.... but I have taken the plunge and ordered and paid already. Couldn't resist. If its not my cup of tea or gives me a headache I will sell it on ebay before Xmas to get as much as my money back as possible.
Bunglefluff's avatar
Bunglefluff 9 months ago
Lets just hope current PS4 owners get a good experience from PSVR. I'm still saying this is why PS4.5k is being made available before PSVR now, I'm suspecting PS4.5k will give the true optimum PSVR experience with decent frame rates.

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