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Technomancer arrives for PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 21

Jeanne Rousseau, CEO and Creative Director at Spiders Studio in Paris has taken to the PlayStation Blog to talk about his studios latest game, The Technomancer, which will arrive for PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 21.

In Technomancer you'll take control of Zachariah, a rookie from the capital of Abundance, erected from the remains of the first human settlements in the Ophir Chasma. Picking from three combat stances, you’ll be able to specialise your style of play, making use of the Technomancer’s special electrical abilities to buff yourself or actively attack the many monsters roaming the red planet.

The combat makes use of a staff, Blade and gun or Blade and shield, each of which offer a different play style for you to make use of. You'll also be able to combine your combat style: electrify your weapon to boost the damage, or create an electricity shield to boost your defence.

Throughout you'll visit cities scattered throughout Mars, and learn of new cultures separated from Earth and of course, encounter weird and wonderful genetically modified monsters.

Check out the latest video below for more.

Edited On 19 Apr, 2016

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