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Microsoft reportedly testing a 'variety' of Xbox One prototypes

It's being reported that Microsoft is testing a variety of Xbox One prototypes,” which The Verge claims, contain “upgraded components” similar to those which improve the “performance of a PC gaming rig.”

Last week some FCC filings appeared on the internet, suggesting Microsoft was working on two new Xbox One models, one of which is presumed to be a slim model. After this came a photo from the Brazilian equivalent of the FCC, Anatel, showing off the new Xbox One wireless chipset mentioned in the FCC documents.

Many believe that this new Xbox One model will be shown off at E3, perhaps along with a slimmer Xbox One SKU. Could it be that Microsoft are also working on an upgradable 4K machine to announce alongside Sony's rumoured PS4K announcement?

Microsoft will host its E3 presentation on June 13 at 5.30pm UK.

It's seems like it is going to be a very interesting E3 this year.

Edited On 20 Apr, 2016

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