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The 25 Characters of Battleborn: Phoebe

Battleborn is out on May 3rd and unlike most other games, it comes with 25 heroes for you to choose from. Since there are so many heroes we've decided to sum up each of their abilities in a separate article.

So which Badass are you?


Counted among the LLC's greatest engineers, Phoebe Elizabeth Audelia Hemsworth IV is a LLC Attacker who utilizes powerful technology to move swiftly about the battlefield, and an array of five telekinetically-suspended swords to annihilate her foes.

She may look victorian in nature, but her melee, closed ranged attacks are anything but.

Phoebe's Abilities include: 

Five Virtues: Phoebe's primary attack chains multiple melee-range sabre strikes, while her secondary attack launches her in a direction, dodging incoming attacks.
Technocracy: Phoebe's high-tech formal wear and telekinetic sabres can be augmented to substantially increase her survivability and lethality.
Phasegate: After a brief charging period, Phoebe teleports to a target location.
Blade Rush Phoebe launches a barrage of four charged rapiers, each dealing 52-70 damage.
Blade Cascade: Conjures a storm of falling rapiers dealing 505-730 damage over time to a large area.
True Strike: Phoebe swipes at enemies and activates her high-tech formal wear to propel herself in any direction.

As you may know, Battleborn's accelerated character growth system allows players to level-up a character from 1 to 10 and fully experience each hero's unique weapons and powers in a single story mission or multiplayer match.

This means you'll be able to make use of Phoebe's Helix abilities as you work your way through the levels.

Here's a quick look at Phoebe in action.

Edited On 25 Apr, 2016

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