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Xbox One has sold 18 million, says eSport firm CEO

Update: Gfinity says that the 18 million Xbox One figure quoted is based on "a variety of independent sources", not Microsoft data.

Original: eSports firm Gfinity has revealed that the Xbox One has sold 18 million units worldwide.

CEO Neville Upton was referencing the Xbox One Tournament Builder App in a press release when he was quoted as saying that "the agreement’s ability to enable us to reach Xbox One’s 18 million users globally”.

Microsoft has stopped reporting sales numbers, although Sony has been happy to reveal that PS4 hit 36m units sold in January, meaning that the ratio for sales is around 2:1 in Sony's favour.

Either way, 18 million is still a large number for Xbox One and it can certainly be considered a successful console given that it is outpacing sales of Xbox 360, which went on to sell over 80 million units in its lifetime. 

With rumours of both a new Xbox One and PS4 being revealed at E3, sales are only likely to get stronger for these systems.

Edited On 21 Apr, 2016

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