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No Man's Sky video discusses the art style; New PS4 faceplate revealed

We're very excited about No Man's Sky and in the new video below we get to find out more about the rather unusual, albeit beautiful art that is part of the game.

The studio recently let a recording crew loose in the Hello Games offices, and not only did they film the team hard at work on the game, but also answered a few of the questions the community has been asking.

Another exciting thing happened too. Sony will release a limited edition No Man's Sky Faceplate for PS4. We think it looks rather great and hopefully we'll be able to sell it. Please don't bombard our customer service team with questions asking about it though. if we are selling it then we wil let you know.

Here's what it looks like.

Edited On 22 Apr, 2016

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Cheeky Monkey's avatar
Cheeky Monkey 9 months ago
Although I am very excited about this game I'm still waiting to hear if they've changed that ridiculous 'die and lose all your progress' idea. That kills the game stone dead for me. In a game this vast where you can virtually explore space and discover new planets, the notion of losing everything when you die is just crazy. I won't buy the game if that's how it works in the final version.
Anonymous user's avatar
Neil 9 months ago
I'm with you cheeky monkey, but game devs these days are full of going full retard ideas so it will probably float...
Anonymous user's avatar
PHILIP 9 months ago
I did'nt know that you lose everything ? As in no re-starting where you left off from last save point ? That's put me right off now.
Anonymous user's avatar
Richard 9 months ago
Apparently on the last pod cast I watched I think that's been tweaked slightly just can't remember to what !

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