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Hitman Episode 2: Sapienza launches today

Hitman Episode 2: Sapienza launches today, seeing Agent 47 target Silvio Caruso, a brilliant but troubled bioengineer who is reportedly working on a DNA-Specific virus able to infect anyone anywhere in the world. 

“Sapienza is a strong contrast to the Paris fashion show, it’s the nearest thing to a small town released in a Hitman game which we haven’t done before on this scale,” said Hannes Seifert, Studio Head at Io-Interactive. “It’s great to see players having fun with the additional content we have been releasing weekly, and now with a new location I can’t wait to see what they get up to in the sunshine of Sapienza.”

Hitman started with a Prologue and Paris location in March, Sapienza is Episode 2 and then in May Agent 47 will travel to Marrakesh. From there Hitman will deliver regular monthly content updates, including three additional locations; Thailand, the United States and the season conclusion in Japan later in 2016.

Sapienza is free as part of the Full Experience Pack. The disc version of Hitman arrives in January 2017.

Edited On 26 Apr, 2016

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