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Modern Warfare 2016 screen comparison shows big change from 2007

Infinity Ward has released some new screens, showing a comparison between 2007's Modern Warfare and 2016's Remaster. The results, complied on the album below via Reddit, are impressive.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is a digital download and will only be available with the Legacy Edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the more expensive Digital and Legacy Pro Collections of the game. It will not be made available to buy separately.

So what do you think of the screens? Are you impressed?

Edited On 03 May, 2016

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SilverShane's avatar
SilverShane 7 months ago
Don't know if it's just me but I can't see the screens on here ?
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 7 months ago
they are saying you can't buy the remaster seperatly - I read it as you can't buy it physically seperatly (as it will be on PSN) but a lot of other people think it means you can only buy it with the £90+ version of the game - this will be silly if Activision does this, wasting all the money and time remastering it only to have it as an extra nly if you spend way too much money to get it bundled with a game that is probably going to be crap.
listerdaleo's avatar
listerdaleo 7 months ago
looks like a load of crap imo, cods are getting boring each time, same old, now 80ish for a combined when really that was the last good cod they made really. Remastered does look swish but i rather just play it again on my ps3 or buy the game on that for 1-2£ ....
SilverShane's avatar
SilverShane 7 months ago
It's already on the Xbox digital store you HAVE to buy the special edition £80-£90 otherwise you don't get access to modern warfare
Anonymous user's avatar
Jason 7 months ago
I just pre ordered this but im gonna cancel it, only thing that interests me is the remastered game and that will go on sale shortly after release of new COD, so ill wait for that not dropping £70 on another crap spacey COD game, been shit for too long now to believe this be any diffrent

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