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Wednesday Chat: May 4

It's Wednesday. Happy Star Wars Day. So how is everyone today and what have you been playing?

It's been a fun week so far, with plenty of gaming news yesterday and tomorrow we should have a review for a rather big game. We are hoping to bring you a live stream today and the ShopTo Show tomorrow, when we will also be talking about THAT game.

So how is your week going?

Let's Chat!

Edited On 04 May, 2016

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Andrew 9 months ago
star wars.... the most overrated pile of bilge ever.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 9 months ago
Guessing you have been reviewing Uncharted 4 - I hope your copy wasn't one that 'fell off the back of a van' haha!! I've been cleaning up Lego Marvel Avengers - trying to 100% it. Whilst watching Grimm, watched 4 and a half seasons in the last week, just watching the last few episodes of season 5 now.
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Neil 9 months ago
Well, my week was going fine until I received an email from you guys to say I could get the limited edition of a game for the same price as my pre-order, only to be told that now I'm no longer a gold member that's not possible (why send me the email??) Now I find out the exclusive discount I had on Uncharted 4 is no longer available because you were unable to change my delivery details, so my pre-order is now cancelled and I have to re-order at full price. No ShopTo, this is not good and unless you really do something special you've just lost a long standing customer. Rant over...

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