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Battlefield 1 trailer is the most liked in YouTube history

Battlefield 1’s premiere trailer is the most liked in Youtube history, with over 1,162,500 likes.

The trailer now has well over 22 million views, which is in stark contrast to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which has 1.4 million dislikes on Youtube, at the time of writing.

It's hard to know why there is such appreciation of one title and a lack of enthusiasm towards the other. What will be interesting to note though will be if this translates into sales. Generally the Call of Duty series is top dog, with Battlefield coming in a distant second. So is there change on the horizon or will Call of Duty continue to dominate where it counts?

Edited On 10 May, 2016

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Bunglefluff's avatar
Bunglefluff 8 months ago
That looks amazing. I've always preferred the Battlefield games over the COD games, especially on PC with the massive battlefield player servers. 64 players. I've played on 128 player servers on battlefield 2 on the PC before. That feels much more like a war over CODs little servers. Its obvious why people are starting to dislike COD....they bring out 2 games a year, that play exactly like the previous game. COD has far too much 'on rails' gameplay in single player. And each game is getting more and more futuristic. If they continue like that, then they may as well just call it Halo or Destiny. Also, a lot of people play COD for the zombie mode and if they continue along that trend, then they may as well just call it 'Left for Dead'. COD has lost its way. Battlefield has a better community too. So basically people are sick of the lazy cash in of COD games.

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