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Call for Questions: The ShopTo Gaming Show Episode 25

The ShopTo Gaming Show Episode 25 will be recording tomorrow for YouTube and iTunes, and we will also be live on Twitch.tv/ShopTo around 10am.

During the show we'll talk about all the latest gaming news, answer your questions and discuss out topics of the week, which this week at the moment are:

- What's your favourite game of the year so far?
- What games for you, have lived up to their hype after release?

You can comment below on any of these topics or if you like, ask a question and it will be featured on the show. We will answer all of your questions, or at least as many as we can. 

You can watch the latest show below, maybe it'll give you some inspiration.

Edited On 11 May, 2016

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DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 8 months ago
Battleborn has been my favourite game of 2016 so far. Haven't finished UC4 yet, mind. Don't think Ratchet's neutering of the humour and characters done it any favours. The best game after release this gen is Witcher 3, especially with how strong their DLC has been and hopefully Blood and Wine is just as good.

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