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Previously used Xbox LIVE Gamertags to be re-released

Always wanted to changed your Xbox LIVE Gamertag but found that your desired name was already taken? Then you maybe want to keep an eye on Xbox LIVE this Wednesday as Microsoft will be re-releasing 1 million discarded Xbox LIVE Gamertags. 

"We've listened to your feedback and once again Team Xbox is excited to announce the release of a large number of previously-unavailable Gamertags!" reads a post on Xbox Wire.

"These Gamertags are from the original Xbox era, the same source of Gamertags we used in our 2011 release. These accounts never migrated to Xbox 360 and as a result they have been inactive for quite some time.

The Tags names will reference:

- Proper Names
- Pop culture references (Entertainment, sports, gaming)
- Types of Food
- Geography and Travel
- Science and Technology
- Math and Numbers
- Animals
- Some of the greatest inventions of all time

Gamertags can be changed via xbox.com/changegamertag and will not affect your Gamer score, Achievements, or anything else related to your Xbox LIVE account.

Edited On 17 May, 2016

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