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Gembox Review

The Android Play based Gembox arrives in July and luckily we've managed to go hands on with the device, which is so small that you won't even noticed it attached to your TV.

Gembox not only lets you access Android games from Google Play on your TV, but also allows you to stream more than 100 console quality games from GameFly, access your collection of games from your PC and also allows you to play retro games thanks to its selection of emulators.

As you'd expect from a box which both connects to the internet and your TV, it is easily upgradable via firmware, therefore supporting all the latest updated to Google Play and therefore any new game releases too.

The controller is interesting in that it has a controller mode and mouse mode, making it easy to play different styles of games and also surf the internet. With mouse mode this also makes it easier to check out your multimedia files and even flick through your favourite TV shows on Netflix or your favourite music on the likes of Deezer and Spotify.

If you're looking for a cheap alternative to console or just want to be able to access the internet, YouTube or other internet based services from your TV, then this could be the solution for you.

Have a look at our hands on below for more.

Edited On 17 May, 2016

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