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The Last Guardian will release this year, says Ueda

Some new details have arrived for The Last Guardian, which we are told WILL launch this year.

After around 9 years in development it'll be lovely to finally get hands on with the game, albeit on PS4 and by the sounds of things it could be worth it.

Speaking to Edge magazine about the release and the game in general, the studio's Fumito Ueda also said that the large dog-like creature Trico, would also be a free-spirit and won't necessarily listen to the player.

“There are a lot [of games] out there where you can do that,” he said. “I think I’ve had enough of them.”

The magazine also adds that one of Trico’s powers is the ability to shoot a red beam of lightning from its tail at a point illuminated by the player. This is accomplished by pointing to the spot which you wish Trico to destroy using a mirrored shield.

More importantly, Ueda confirmed the game would be released at some point this year, something which he has “some worries, about, but is “also very excited” about at the same time.

Are you excited for The Last Guardian?

Edited On 27 May, 2016

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