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Microsoft Xbox E3 2016 Conference - As it happened

Microsoft's conference has kicked off at last and of course it was always going to be very interesting.

Things kicked off with Xbox One S, which is Slimmer, 40% Smaller, has an IR Blaster, HDR Gaming, 4K Ultra HD and Blu-Ray and a streamlined controller. According to the video it will be $299 and include a 500GB HDD, although the stand and controller are sold separately, although the press release says otherwise. So we need to clarify that one.

Newly announced was Xbox Play Anywhere. When you buy a game digitally, you can play it on Xbox One and PC (progress is shared) at no additional cost. You can also play against friends on all modes on Gears of War 4 over Xbox One and PC.

Speaking of Gears, we got to see new gameplay and there is an exclusive controller too. Here's a video of the controller. Also Gears of War 1, 2, 3 & Judgment will be included free with Gears of War 4 "for a limited time."

Next up we found out that General RAAM is coming to Killer Instinct. Check out the footage below.

Forza Horizon 3 was announced as expected.

The game include the largest roster of cars ever seen in a Horizon game, including the Lamborghini Centenario.

We are also told that the game will include the largest open world ever created by Playground and that it will be set in Australia. This will include driving on Extreme terrains.

Finally, it's said to include a 4 player campaign co-op and be exclusive Xbox One & Windows 10.

Recore was next to be shown, although for some reason no-one came to the stage to talk about it. We did get a September 13 release date though, so that is something.

Final Fantasy XV was next to be shown and we got a stage demo with some gameplay. The demo showed a rather large boss battle.

The Division Underground got a trailer next and you can watch that below. The game is out next month.

Battlefield 1 next and it was confirmed to coming out on October 21. Here is the latest trailer.

Features for Xbox LIVE next, such as background music, choice of language, Cortana, and cross platform play for Rocket League. Other features include Clubs that let's you join different communities. Looking for group also lets you find other gamers with a shared goal in mind. Arena is another new feature which brings tournaments to Xbox LIVE.

Minecraft gets a friendly update and allows you to connect across various platforms such as mobile, PC, Xbox. We also got to hear about realms, texture packs and more.

Next we got a trailer for Playdead's Inside and it is coming to Xbox One this month. Also coming soon are Cuphead, Outlast, Deliver us the Moon, Far, Shadow, Beacon, and Tactics, among others.

Limbo will also be free on Xbox One.

We'll post the video when we can.

Gwent was next to be shown, which as you may have guessed is based on the card game from CD Projekt Red. The beta is coming this September to PC and Xbox One.

Namco was next on stage to show us Tekken 7. It is multiplatform and is coming with a story mode, online multiplayer obviously and it will ship in 2017. Also Xbox LIVE Gold members get Tekken Tag Tournament 2 via backwards compatibility for free this week.

Dead Rising 4 was shown next and is coming Holiday 2016. The game appears to be Xbox One and PC exclusive.

Microsoft also showed off some of the games coming in the future such as Scalebound which is due in 2017. This is another game coming to Xbox One and Windows and in the video we saw online co-op against a large dragon. It looked pretty epic to be fair.

Sea of Thieves was next up, despite our fingers getting a little tired with it all. First up was a trailer and next was some gameplay. It looks pretty interesting. You can see the gameplay below.

The game is coming to Xbox One and PC.

Next shown was State of Decay 2 which is due 2017, Halo Wars 2 which is coming to PC and Xbox on February 21, 2017. The week long beta also begins on Xbox One right now for a whole week.

Scorpio was shown next by Phil Spencer. We've already been shown the Xbox One S and now Microsoft briefly told us about the latest and newest Xbox.

The new console has 20GB per second of memory bandwidth, 6 terraflops, true 4K resolution, the ability to render at 60FPS and by the sounds of things it will support VR too. You'll still be able to play your same games and accessories from Xbox One. It is shipping next year, although we do wonder how much it will cost.

It'll be interesting to see how much the consoles costs. We'll see on that one.

So what did you think?

Edited On 13 Jun, 2016

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