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Sony's Press Conference - All The News, All the Trailers - As it Happened

First of all, if you missed Sony's press conference then you can watch below. We know it was on early, so before reading on as to everything announced and to watch all the trailers, you can watch again below. 

Sony's press conference took place in the early hours of the morning and the very first thing we saw before anyone even came on to the stage was God of War.

What we saw was definitely different from what we are used to from the series, as an old Kratos takes a boy hunting through the forest. It's not long before things kick off God of War style, although in some of the most spectacular fashion than we've ever seen. We all know God of War looks good, but this just looks ridiculously good. It seems that Sony Santa Monica has been busy and it shows. There was no date for God of War. 

Shawn Layton took to the stage to reveal the games we can expect. 

The next game on show was from Sony Bend and it was yet another game that looked extremely impressive. It's a game about riding the open road on your motorbike as you take control of a mercenary in what's known as Days Gone.

The Last Guardian was the next game shown by Sony in a gameplay trailer, before being dated for October 25, 2016.

The games kept coming, thick and fast, with Horizon the next game to be shown. This is certainly one of the most impressive looking titles on the PlayStation 4 as you've no doubt seen before and here we saw the main protagonist trying to take out some robot dinos to get the parts she needs, before using these components to make explosive traps. We were also shown the dialogue tree and menu system and also the map, which gives a scale of the game.

You can see the full gameplay video below, which will show you just how impressive Horizon looks. It's certainly a game which will be one of the most highly anticipated come 2017.

The next game shown was Quantic Dream's Detroit, which looks very much like a sequel to Heavy Rain as you take control of an android and make the sort of choices that will decide the people's fate. It seems to have a huge range of decisions for you to choose from, which will make Heavy Rain fans happy, although it looks a bit uncanny valley in places.

The full PlayStation VR experience was next, with Sony first showing Resident Evil VII which arrives on PlayStation on January 24 2017 with a full PlayStation experience. 

We also found out 50 games will be available for PlayStation VR, from big to small, some of which were then showcased. Games shown include Farpoint, which is a first person space shooter, Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission, Batman VR from Rocksteady Games which arrives exclusively for PlayStation VR in October and Final Fantasy XV which comes with a VR experience in which you play as Prompto.

There was even a PlayStation VR experience for PlayStation VR.

Crash Bandicoot is going to be remastered for PlayStation 4 from the ground up and will also appear first on PlayStation in Skylanders later this year.

That's right, Sony and Activision will be bringing back Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2 and Crash Bandicoot: Warped via a remastered collection. Everyone got their wish it seems.

We were shown LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens next and told that you can download the demo right now. Go grab it from the PlayStation Store.

Hideo Kojima was next onto the stage to show his new game. It was running in real time and developed in conjunction with Sony Interactive. To be honest it's hard to believe Kojima managed to make a demo that looks as good as what was shown in such little time in development.

The game is known as Death Stranding and has no release date. We don't expect to see it for a while but we are already looking forward to it.

Spider-Man from Insomniac Games was next to be shown exclusively for PS4 and it looks like it could be impressive from what was shown, although it's obviously early in development at this time.

Days Gone was once again shown at the end of the conference, except this time it was played live.

Edited On 14 Jun, 2016

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JOHN 7 months ago
crushed the competition massively
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trancematic 7 months ago
Nice work Joe for putting up all the E3 trailers in a conveniently located place for our pleasure and quick reference .

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