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Star Wars Battlefront's VR experience is free to owners of Battlefront

Sony has announced that the Star Wars Battlefront experience will be free to owners of Battlefront.

The mission, which has been developed by Criterion and DICE was described on the PlayStation Blog.

"At Criterion, putting players directly into the heart of a vehicle gaming experience is one of our biggest passions. With games like our Burnout series, the Need for Speed games we’ve made, and even the speeder bike missions a lot of you played in Star Wars Battlefront, this focus has been deeply felt. And now we’re applying it to something new, something really special.

"Piloting an X-Wing is an aspect of the Star Wars universe many of us have dreamed of experiencing. It’s something from the films we remember watching with awe, and even reenacted throughout our lives," says the post.

"Virtual reality brings us one step closer to realising this amazing dream of piloting an X-wing in space. With this incredible new platform, you will be instantaneously transported from the comforts of your living room to an X-Wing cockpit in space. And with the artists at Criterion and DICE meticulously crafting every authentic detail, the experience feels more real than you can imagine."

Criterion say that pnce you look outside your ship, you’ll start to take in and appreciate the sheer magnitude of the environment in which you’re sitting. This will see you firing at the Imperial forces alongside their hulls as you maneuver around their defence.

Those who own Star Wars Battlefront will get this mission for free. It's unclear if the mission will launch separately.

Edited On 14 Jun, 2016

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