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PlayStation VR launches on October 13. Launch line up confirmed and other details

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe has confirmed the launch line up for PlayStation VR, as well as revealing that the release date for the UK is October 13, the same day as in the US.

Launch territories for wave one include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

"PlayStation VR is a virtual reality system that takes PS4 to the next level of immersion," said Jim Ryan, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "With the launch of PS VR on the horizon, we are looking forward to showing consumers that innovation has never been stronger at PlayStation as we offer unique experiences that truly embody VR's potential."

PlayStation VR is £349 in the UK, although ShopTo also carries a bundle which includes the PlayStation Camera, an accessory that is needed for PlayStation VR to function properly.

Here's a list of the games for 2016, both at launch and beyond. There are likely a lot more to be confirmed, so we'll keep you updated.

Sony has confirmed the following first party titles for launch, although some third party titles will also be available:

- Rigs - EUR 59.99 (GBP 49.99)
- VR Worlds - EUR 39.99 (GBP 29.99)
- Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - EUR 19.99 (GBP 15.99)
- Super Stardust - EUR 19.99 [or EUR9.99 upgrade] (GBP 15.99)
- Hustle Kings - EUR 19.99 [or EUR 9.99 upgrade] (GBP 15.99)
- Tumble VR - EUR 9.99

Expected Third Party Titles at launch:

- Batman VR
- Eve Valkyrie

Other Titles Expected in 2016 (Exact date TBC):

- Gran Turismo Sport
- 100ft Robot Golf
- Battlezone
- Bebylon Battle Royale
- Earthlight
- Eve: Gunjack
- Filthy Lucre
- Gang Beasts
- Get Even
- Ghost Theory
- Gunship Battle 2 VR
- How We Soar
- Job Simulator
- Megaton Rainfall
- Moto racer 4
- Radial G
- Robinson: The Journey
- Snow
- Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing Mission
- Statik
- Tethered
- Thumper
- Thunderbird
- Vector 36
- VEV Viva Ex Vivo
- Volume: Coda
- World War Toons
- Xing: The Land Beyond

Of course PlayStation VR also includes a Virtual Cinema mode. The idea behind this is to allow you to view all your PlayStation 4 games and video content on a virtual reality cinema screen, further putting the use of the PlayStation VR HMD to its fullest potential. What this means is that you will view standard games and video on up to three screen sizes. The biggest of the three sizes compares to that of an IMAX screen, while the other two sizes are smaller, depending on your preference.

You can either view these games in a static state, or if you like, have the option to move your head around this virtual cinema. If the user presses the option button, it then re-centres.

The PlayStation Virtual Cinema app will be available at the launch of the PlayStation VR.

Edited On 14 Jun, 2016

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listerdaleo's avatar
listerdaleo 7 months ago
looking forward to VR, the games i be getting for launch most likely be VR worlds & hopefully eve valkrie, batman too ofc once seen gameplay ^^
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 7 months ago
A load of these games have appeared on psn today. Don't get why pre orders are appearing months in advance, I remember when they used to pop up about a week before release

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