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Bethesda working on two huge projects before Elder Scrolls 6

Bethesda has “two large projects” in the works which are similar in scope to Fallout 4 and Skryim.

According to a new interview with VP of public relations Pete Hines both projects are in the works alongside The Elder Scrolls 6, although both will arrive before it.

This follows words from Bethesda's Todd Howard who had previously said that Elder Scrolls 6 wouldn't arrive for a very long time, while also adding that his team are working on two other projects.

“We’re talking about big games like a Skyrim and a Fallout 4 and a Fallout 3 and those don’t just happen.” 

Hines also confirmed that Howard’s development team is “planning on doing [these titles] before they move on to an Elder Scrolls 6.

So what do you think these projects could be and would you prefer a new Elder Scrolls game sooner?

Edited On 15 Jun, 2016

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Cheeky Monkey's avatar
Cheeky Monkey 7 months ago
They want to try concentrating on one and getting that right first because Skyrim on PS3 was an absolute abortion! It had more bugs than a pile of shite and in parts was totally unplayable.

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