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Sea of Thieves has been delayed to early 2017

Sea of Thieves has been delayed to early 2017.

Aaron Greenberg told Kinda Funny the news during a gamescast, saying, "Sea of Thieves is coming out in that window (early 2017), along with Scalebound and a lot more titles. This is our biggest games lineup we’ve ever had over the next year. As a first-party we will publish and release more games and more exclusives than we ever have."

Sea of Thieves currently in development at Rare for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC and it seems to have went down with those attending E3.

Microsoft's 2016 is still looking fairly strong, with Gears of War 4, Recore, Forza Horizon 3 and Dead Rising 4 all due before the end of the year.

Edited On 16 Jun, 2016

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superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 7 months ago
This is a shame. I was looking forward to this. I will be getting this on day one as long as it has a single player mode, which I think it has but was not clear from E3. From E3 it clearly has a fun multiplayer mode. They always concentrate more on multiplayer than single player. This is the only game of Xboxs line up I would have gotten on day one, and maybe Forza Horizon 3, at least it is set in a new location, I am not buying any more new Forza Motorsports on day one though, they are all more or less the same, will wait a year and buy a bundle on sale. Gears of War 4 and Dead Rising 4 I will get when I have finished with the previous games, and unsure about Recore.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 7 months ago
Seems a lot of the games were delayed to allow the Xbox>PC cross over is my guess. Suppose it better than coming to 1 platform then the other later
Anonymous user's avatar
PHILIP 7 months ago
Gears of War and Dead rising will be guaranteed purchases from me :-)

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