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Call for Questions: ShopTo Gaming Show Episode 29

The ShopTo Gaming Show Episode 29 will be recording tomorrow for YouTube and iTunes, and we will also be live on Twitch.tv/ShopTo around 10am.

During the show we'll talk about all the latest gaming news, answer your questions and discuss out topic of the week which is: Are you purchasing VR/PS4K, Xbox One S or waiting for Nintendo NX or Scorpio

Ask a question and it will be featured on the show. We will answer all of your questions, or at least as many as we can. 

You can watch the latest show below, so don't forget to check out our previous predictions and see who was right.

Edited On 22 Jun, 2016

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sackdemajick's avatar
sackdemajick 7 months ago
me for one, I'm waiting for the Scorpio but I am getting the xbox one s, my question is.... are you getting the xbox one s then upgrade to Scorpio or just literally wait for the Scorpio??
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 7 months ago
I'm giving up my psvr and getting ps4k and nx. Aside from the upgrades we kind of know for ps4k is there anything else you would like to see changed physically or internally? I want a bigger hard drive caddy so I can put my 4tb drive inside it :)

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