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Kinect for Xbox One has a new game

Kinect got a new game today. We didn't think we'd ever write those words again, but there you go.

Apparently Kung-Fu for Kinect is "the best Xbox One Kinect title to date," which to be fair wouldn't be hard, as we're struggling to think of any others, perhaps with the exception of Fruit Ninja.

"Kung-Fu For Kinect is suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes and may result in getting you seriously fit," said developer Virtual Air Guitar Company. "Following on from Kung-Fu High Impact on Xbox 360, Kung-Fu for Kinect makes full use of the improved Kinect for Xbox One in the form of more accurate punches, faster motion response and smaller space requirements. So that priceless Ming vase of yours is safe. Well, relatively speaking."

You can purchase the game digitally from the Xbox Store for £14.99.

Edited On 24 Jun, 2016

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