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Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival Review

Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival is here and to be honest it feels like it is picking up very much from where it where it left off, both in terms of looks and how it plays, although I don't remember the last game I played in the series having quite so many bugs.

Unfortunately for Kick Off fans, this game feels like a very much rushed affair. While I have no doubt that there lies a fun and perhaps misunderstood game underneath, it appears to me that, the launch version at least, has been rushed out just in time to benefit from the hype surrounding from Euro 2016. This appears to be working for FIFA 16 as it has recently climbed high in the charts, so you can't blame a developer for trying to make the most of the hype surrounding football at the moment. It appears though, that this rushed release has caused all manner of problems.  

Perhaps the most glaring of problems is what's missing, Let's just look what the first patch will bring for instance and also what will be patched in soon:

- Offline European Championship Cup Mode
- Teams Difficulty Balance
- Save Game (in European Championship)
- Extra Time (in European Championship)
- Exit Game During a Match on Netplay (with rating penalty)
- Bugs Fixes
- Improved Goalkeeper
- New Music and Sound Effects
- Corner Flags
- Practice Targets
- Improved Slide Tackles
- Improved Net Graphics

- Currently, there is no penalty shootouts at the end of the Cup finals: every matches will be replayed. They will be added together with a penalty practice mode. The goal keeper will be playable during penalties.
- Control of the keeper kicking and passing the ball
- Red and yellow cards and various referees, some harsher than others, will be added.
- Specific attributes for different players
- More teams
- You can “share” your best goals with your friend already but we’ll add replays!
- Localization of the game in 6 languages (French, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese) in addition to the English version

As you can see from the above, at the moment there are no Red and Yellow cards. Which is an essential part of football. There are no penalty shoot-outs either. There is also a real lack of atmosphere within the games, which to me feels like it needs to be addressed. Perhaps the worst part though is the bugs. As ridiculous as it sounds, you'll get a freekick for tackling your own player, while goalkeepers will often catch the ball behind the line and you won't be awarded a goal. Perhaps the most amusing bug for me though was when I scored an own goal and my own player celebrated. Talk about rubbing it in.

Don't get me wrong, there is certainly something good about Kick Off Revival. The game may not look amazing, but the gameplay is certainly as fun as I remember it to be and while football games have moved on a lot since the original Kick Off was released, there's still something nostalgic and hard to put down about Kick Off. Maybe it's the random nature of where the ball goes, or how difficult it is to control the ball and score, but to be honest I do like it.

As far as gameplay modes are concerned, Dino Dini's Kick Off packs in quite a few different options. First off is the training mode, which helps you get use to the controls. There's also a European Cup which includes all the teams from Euro 2016, so sadly Scotland are missing in action and although that's not exactly Dino Dini's fault, perhaps he can patch them in (what do you say Dino?). Finally there's Netplay, the game's online mode, where you'll play against others and no doubt have a lot of fun doing so. Be that by having classic, high scoring matches or just by laughing at some of the comical bugs.

To say Kick Off Revival is a terrible game would be doing it a disservice. Sure it's most certainly been rushed out to take advantage of Euro 2016's hype and therefore the quality suffers as a consequence. Saying that though, the fun is still very much present, be that in the European Cup mode or the Netplay mode. As mention, all of these issues will eventually be ironed out, although whether you believe it is worth the cost or not is very much a personal decision. One things for sure, i'll certainly be playing more, as although FIFA 16 may have the looks and the authenticity, sometimes it forgets that all we want to do is have some fun and Kick Off at least provides that. 

Words by Joe Anderson
Twitter @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ Lots of fun
+ Gameplay flows well
+ Includes single player and netplay modes


- Lots of Bugs
- Atmosphere is lacking
- Many features of football missing

Edited On 27 Jun, 2016

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Jason 7 months ago
Another week another broken game, glad i wasnt ripped off on this occasion though. There should be an organization who quality checks games being released, standards should be met, if i bought any other product you would just take it back, its disgusting and something needs done about it, this sint a mistake or a minor issue its stealing and thieving simple as that

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