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Latest Charts, week-ending July 2: LEGO Star Wars forces its way to the top

This week's latest charts are in, showing LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens as the number one game for the week.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the 4th biggest Lego video game launch of all time, behind Indiana Jones, Marvel Super Heroes and Batman, although ‘Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy’ sold more in its second week of launch. I

Elsewhere, Star Ocean debuts at number six, while there's a few shifting around of positions, but nothing too unexpected.

Check out the full top 40 below.

Edited On 04 Jul, 2016

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 7 months ago
Lego Star wars is good, but they have gone and made the 'hub worlds' really confusing again, luckily you can just jump into the levels from a menu, but all the extras are gonna take ages to complete as there is so many of them! I've completed the story, so I'm just trying to 100% it now. I imagine it is going to drop to about 5-10th in the next chart. Nice to see Star Ocean is 6th as well - I've not had time to really get into that yet.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jason 7 months ago
I stopped LEGO games as I found they were just becoming annoying and confusing at times. If youve played one youve played em all

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