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King of Fighters XIV demo arrives on PS4

King of Fighters XIV has seen a new demo on PS4, giving you the chance to try out some of the game's characters and gameplay mode.

The demo is around 3.1GB and let's you play as the following characters:

- Kyo Kusanagi
- Iori Yagami
- Mai Shiranui
- Shun'Ei
- Sylvie Paula Paula
- King of Dinosaurs
- Nelson

Game modes include: Training Mode, VS Mode and the Tutorial.

Will you be trying this one out?

Edited On 19 Jul, 2016

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Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 6 months ago
Downloaded it, played it. Meh, a tad tepid/dull. It seems geared towards a 'younger', neophyte niche market!! There are two reasons for me not getting this any time soon: 1) Deepsilver and Sega haven't seemed to want to release an Old World edition of the Premium edition of this game (would come with soundtrack, artbook, steelbook etc.) and 2) I'm currently investing heavily in the Xbox One so, I'm pretty dejected to see that Deepsilver/SEGA are not releasing this for Xbox One. Like CAPCOM with SFIV, missed opportunity, really!!

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