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If you don't sign into Xbox LIVE for five years you'll lose your gamertag *update* You'll keep your games with active Microsoft account

Update: Microsoft has said that while it may reclaim gamertags off users who don't sign into Xbox LIVE for five years, those same users will still keep their games, providing they have an active Microsoft account.

"The new policy in the Microsoft Services Agreement clarifies that after five years of inactivity on Xbox Services, the Gamertag may be repurposed," said a Microsoft spokeperson. "In that instance, the user with an active Microsoft account, and an inactive Xbox account, would still have access to Gamerscore, licenses and friends as long as the user is still able to access their Microsoft account."

If you want to keep your Gamertag then make sure to sign into Xbox LIVE at least once every five years.

Original: Microsoft has revealed that Xbox players now need to sign into their Xbox Live account at least once every 5 years, otherwise risk losing their gamertag.

Changes where made in an update to Microsoft's Service Agreement and come into effect from September 15.

The terms say you "must use your Microsoft account to keep it active. This means you must sign in at least once in a five-year period to keep your Microsoft account, and associated Services, active, unless provided otherwise in an offer for a paid portion of the Services.

"If you don't sign in during this time, we will assume your Microsoft account is inactive and will close it for you," says the terms, which does sound like you'll lose everything.

You can read the changes to the terms here.

Edited On 26 Jul, 2016

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