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Dangerous Golf Review

What the team at Three-fields Entertainment have done with Dangerous Golf is take Crash Mode from Burnout Paradise and turn it into a golf game. It’s quite a simple premise really as you smash a golf ball around, causing as much damage as you can to the environment and the destructible objects that just happen to be lying around. Why someone is letting you play golf in their restaurant kitchen is anyone’s guess, but if you’re feeling destructive then it’s a great place to be.

Giving you one shot to hit the ball and destroy as much as you can, the aim here is to wrack up an amazing score and in the process activate your Smashbreaker power. Do this and you’re ball will light up in flames and you’ll gain the ability to steer it around the room in slow motion, while at the same time causing all manner of chaos. Once time runs out on your Smashbreaker, then you’ll have to putt the ball, therefore ending the round and giving you the final tally of damage you have caused. Getting the ball in the hole is crucial, whether you try and trick shot to earn extra cash or just go for the straight putt. Don’t miss though, as if you do you’ll end up cutting your final score in half. With leaderboards on show, you’ll want to cause as much damage as you can in order to sit proudly near the top. There is always the option to retry if you fail though.

To mix things up in later levels, Three Fields Entertainment introduces hazards. Hitting these causes you to fail the level, so this adds in a good challenge. Luckily a hint button is included which will identify these hazards, as well as high value items, that if hit, give you a huge Smashdown score. As such, it is a good idea to check out the course before kicking things off, allowing you to avoid the hazard and figure out where the good stuff that’ll build you up a good score is to be found.

As well as hazards and high value items, other variants added in also mix things up, such as trying to cause as much damage as you can without the ball hitting the floor or earning more points via the putting challenge. However despite this, breaking plates, smashing Champagne Bottles and cupboards full of all sorts of items, kind of gets a bit boring after a while. I don’t really understand why as I could never stop playing Burnout. Maybe it just doesn’t have that sense of speed, or maybe hitting a golf ball around a room just doesn’t offer the same thrill.

Dangerous Golf comes with a few game modes, such as World Tour and Party Mode, both of which allow you to take turns with another player over a set amount of holes, if that appeals to you, but perhaps it could have done with a few other options/ways to play.

The main thing that kept me playing Dangerous Golf when I first downloaded it was the leaderboards, as I could see my friends had a high score and I wanted to beat it. But I’m just not sure that there is enough here to keep me going back for more. In fact i’ve not really revisited the game all that much if I’m being honest. Games like this are made for people who like fun in short bursts and that’s exactly what Dangerous Golf will provide.

Dangerous Golf is an interesting first game from the team at Three Fields Entertainment. It’s a game that was never likely to set the world on fire and the fact that it comes from a small team really shows both in terms of the variety of gameplay and the modes on offer. It’s certainly an impressive showcase for the team’s first game, so there is no doubt we are expecting bigger things to come. As it stands though, Dangerous Golf isn’t quite the team’s hole in one.

Words by Joe Anderson
Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA wotta

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ Looks great
+ It's a lot of fun at first
+ Destruction is fun


- Novelty wears off fast
- Lack of variety in gameplay and modes

Edited On 25 Jul, 2016

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Jason 6 months ago
I bought this one the whole its made by the burnout deveolpers team HYPE and how fun it would be. Id say its the worst £15.99 ive spent in my whole life.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jason 6 months ago
I bought this game what seems months ago, how come its being reviewed now?
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 6 months ago
We only recently got a code for some reason.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jason 6 months ago

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