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Pokemon Go reaches an estimated 75 million downloads

Pokemon Go has reached an estimated 75 million downloads across Android and iOS.

It appears that Android has had the fastest uptake so far, with an estimated 50 million downloads, which is also a record across mobile games. Pokemon Go is only available in 32 countries out of 100 possible countries, so it's perfectly possible that the game will continue to grow even further.

Do you think that the success of Pokemon Go will see the likes of Pokemon Sun and Moon hit record sales for the series? Both games are still a while away at the moment, but if the momentum of Pokemon Go continues, it could be quite possible.

Edited On 26 Jul, 2016

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mark 6 months ago
God I'm embarrassed I love this game. The local park is like an outdoor mental institution. People wandering around bumping into things and shouting random Pokemon names!

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