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Nintendo NX will be cheaper than you expect

The Nintendo NX price will be “cheaper than even the vast majority expect,” according to a new report.

We reported yesterday that the NX will be a "dedicated home and portable game platform with detachable controllers," and now it seems it'll be quite cheap too.

“Early online speculation about pricing for the NX expects it to be cheaper than current consoles, but from what we’ve heard it’s going to be cheaper than even the vast majority expect,” MCV said in a new report. “This is a machine that is targeting the mass market, and Nintendo certainly plans for it to have a mass market price. Price is one Wii U mistake Nintendo is determined not to repeat. This could be NX’s single biggest win.”

The thought of a cheap console that you can take with you and plug into your TV at home sounds interesting. Let's just hope that it has the quality to match.

Edited On 27 Jul, 2016

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 6 months ago
again - its all speculation - just wait until Nintendo announce things in September. People are probably just pricing up the parts based on speculation of the 'report' yesterday - those are wrong sometimes.

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