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NX will be compatible with Nintendo's mobile games, says report

A new report in the Wall Street Journal suggests that the Nintendo NX will “be compatible with its own smartphone games”.

There isn't actually anything concrete as to what that could mean, so speculation either points to NX being able to play Nintendo’s smartphone games or will perhaps interact with them in some way.

Reports have previously suggested that NX is a portable, home console with detachable controllers. It is also said to run on Nvidia’s mobile-focused Tegra chip. We also heard yesterday that the console could be cheaper than most people expect.

Nintendo is expected to release more information on the Nintendo NX this September.

Are you getting excited to find out more?

Edited On 28 Jul, 2016

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 6 months ago
What if, they strike a deal with Nvidia to allow you to stream your games form your PC onto the console/handheld both inside and out of the home like you can with the Shield? If they enable that then I see this selling millions as it will open the market to not only people who want the NX but people who want to access their PC games while away from the PC

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