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Latest Charts, week-ending August 6: GTA V goes top

Rockstar have managed to climb back to the top of the charts this week, as GTA V becomes the number one game in the UK.

The ever popular title managed to outsell the likes of Uncharted 4, LEGO Star Wars, Overwatch and FIFA 16 in what was a pretty quiet week for new releases. In fact, there wasn't a single new release in the top 20.

No Man's Sky arrives this week and seems certain for the top spot after all the hype surrounding the game, so perhaps GTA V will have to settle for number two.

Here is the full top 40.

Edited On 08 Aug, 2016

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 5 months ago
I wonder if GTA5 was because it was on sale? It is strange there is a surge in sales though as it was normal price but with some in-game credits. I couldn't get into it, I tried but I didn't find it entertaining. I've been on StarOcean a lot though - on 105 hours on my first playthrough now :D
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 5 months ago
Could be because of the DLC seen more GTA clips on Reddit recently
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 5 months ago
I'm surprised Red Dead Redemption is not in the chart as that was reported as sold a load. Disney Infinity 3.0 shot back into the charts, wonder if that will make Disney think twice about shutting down online services. It is bad enough not bothering any more with new stuff but to close the online services after only a year is rotten, the games, characters, playsets etc were not cheap. I certainly will not be spending much money with disney or these things like lego dimensions again. I have not bought any lego dimensions yet and I am not going to now.

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