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Phil Spencer says that developers are already creating for Project Scorpio

Phil Spencer has confirmed that developers are already hard at work on “hardware, platform and games,” for Project Scorpio.

The console is a powerful upgrade to the Xbox One, which will play all previously released Xbox One titles and make them look even better thanks to its 4K gaming capabilities. 

Spencer has already stated that unless you have a 4K TV then having the new system is unlikely to benefit you, while Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg said that the system won't have any exclusive games, meaning that if a game is released on Scorpio then you'll see it on Xbox One too.

This likely means that any games currently in the works are being released for Xbox One and Scorpio, with the latter just having more of an advantage when it comes to graphics and performance in other areas.

Xbox Scorpio is due to release next year.

Edited On 08 Aug, 2016

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