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The latest No Mans Sky update is out now for PS4 and PC

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has released the game’s first post-launch patch on both PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. 

This latest patch brings No Man’s Sky to version 1.04, although as seen below, no details have been provided on PS4 as to what has been fixed.

We do know that on PC the patch adds support for additional hardware configurations and improves the frame rate on low-end computers. 

Sean Murray of Hello Games earlier said that the 1.04 update does not add new features to No Man’s Sky, although we do know that base building and the ability to own freight ships is coming in a future update.

Are you still enjoying No Mans Sky?

Edited On 19 Aug, 2016

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 5 months ago
This Sean Murray and Hello Games are so bloody annoying - first they lie about everythgin, miss out loads of content, nerf the trophies to make it harder to achieve and then they go and delete posts on Reddit pointing out all the things they promised that were missing. And now, the patch notes are on level with the 3DS' 'Stability' update notes! If you have 'fixed' something then say what you have done! How do we know if our particular issue has been address if they aren't listing what these are? They have no idea what they are doing.
Anonymous user's avatar
ben 5 months ago
I agree turniplord

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