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Overcooked impressions and first play

Great co-op games are quite hard to come by, but recently I've been having great fun with Team 17's Overcooked - a game about cooking in some bizzare places.

Think of the Hairy Bikers and you probably can picture the scene. Here you'll cook in all sorts of environments, from busy cities, where people are walking in your way; on a pirate ship, where the tables will sway side to side and cause all sorts of havoc to your cooking and you'll even cook in space too.

The whole idea is much like any other cooking game in that you need to prepare, cook and serve the order by chopping, cooking and plating up the final dish. The problem here is that things go so fast that you need to really work as a team to do it. There's so many issues, such as the food setting on fire if you don't keep an eye on it, which can result in the whole kitchen setting on fire if your not careful. You'll also need to make sure that in your rush you put the right ingredients in the right pot, otherwise you'll have to bin the lot.

There are other obstacles in the game too, such as rats stealing your food and the fact that you'll need to make sure the dishes are clean, otherwise there will be no plates to serve up on. The more players you have, the easier it becomes, although it also becomes more hectic since you'll always be bumping into each other.

Whether you are chopping, cooking, serving or doing the dishes, it's best to assign a role and work as a team, rather than trying to do everything yourself, otherwise it will just end in disaster.

Overcooked is an absolutely brilliant game, so I thought it was well worth mentioning it to you, as well as showing you some gameplay recorded. *Disclaimer* The kids are playing in the video below.


Edited On 24 Aug, 2016

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paulaw's avatar
paulaw 5 months ago
Nice to see this getting some love. I pre-ordered it on the store and have been playing since release, its great fun and possibly most fun you can have doing couch co-op on PS4. One negative.... No platinum trophy.
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 5 months ago
Yeah, I bought it too, so just wanted to mention how good it is.

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