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Don't Starve: Together arrives for PS4 on September 13

Don’t Starve Together is to release on PlayStation 4 in the next few weeks.

Just like the PC version, the PS4 port of Don’t Starve Together lets six players to work together, or against one another, as they fight to survive. The game supports split screen support and therefore support for offline and online co-op.

The developer will also release the Don’t Starve Mega Pack bundle which includes a couple of themes and Don't Starve Together and also the previous game in the series.

Here’s everything in the Don’t Starve Mega Pack:

- Don’t Starve Together: Consoled Edition (Reg: $14.99)
- Don’t Starve: Console Edition (Reg: $14.99)
- Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked (Reg: $4.99)
- Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants (Reg: $4.99)
- Don’t Starve : Shipwrecked Theme (Reg: Shipwrecked Theme $2.99)
- Don’t Starve : Autumn Theme (Reg: Autumn Theme $2.99)

Don’t Starve Together is currently available on PC and arrives on PlayStation 4 on September 13.

Edited On 25 Aug, 2016

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Wizowes 5 months ago
If it comes physical. instant buy!

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