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The Battlefield 1 beta is now available

The Battlefield 1 beta is now live for Xbox One and PC players, with the PS4 version expected to be live soon.

To get the beta head over to Origin, the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store and grab the 6.1GB download. The beta allows you to play both Conquest and Rush mode on the 'Sinai Desert' map.

EA has yet to confirm an end date for the beta, although rumours suggest that it'll be ending on September 8.

We've had access since yesterday, so you can watch our latest videos below.

Edited On 31 Aug, 2016

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Anonymous user's avatar
Richard 5 months ago
played it earlier, didn't die as much as I usually do online :( 3 kills - 7 deaths
Anonymous user's avatar
JASON 5 months ago
I've preordered it but when do I get my beta code ?
trancematic's avatar
trancematic 5 months ago
You don't get a beta code its on the xbox One Store and PSN as of today for everyone. If you had become a Battlefield 1 insider you could have started playing it yesterday. Just visit the store and download the beta.

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