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Nintendo Direct Round Up: September 1

Nintendo Direct took place today, first by having a little comedy sketch with Reggie, before going on to talk about Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The footage talked about the new 'Z Moves' and showed us some gameplay footage which looks quite exciting. You also get a Munchlax if you purchase the game early. Pokemon Sun and Moon launches in November.

Super Mario Maker is coming to Nintendo 3DS and comes with 100 levels made by Nintendo themselves. You can't play all the courses created on the Wii U, although there will likely be plenty created by users anyway. There's tutorials too, so you can also make your own and share them via street pass and local wireless. 

Nintendo talked about Mario Party: Star Rush next, showing off the mini games and plenty of new modes too. The game is also compatible with the various Mario Party Amiibo too. This comes out November.

Animal Crossing is getting a free update to work with new Animal Crossing cards, it'll arrive later this year. We should find out more soon thanks to an upcoming Animal Crossing Direct. Maybe we'll hear of a new game in that too?

Street Pass Mii Plaza is getting an update, with gameplay now moving along quicker and allowing you to boot up games straight away. You can also now encounter up to 100 players via street pass. Even better you'll be getting five new mini games too. If you download two for free then you'll be able to buy the others at a special price.

A new game is coming to Nintendo eShop too. Tank Troopers, where you basically blow each other up in cute 3DS style tanks. That's coming soon, although if you want a new eShop game today then you can grab Picross 3D Round 2 today.

Want Zelda? Well special Zelda amiibo are coming to a ShopTo near you. Check out the special figures below.

The original version of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will also be releasing on the eShop today.

More Zelda next and from today you can download Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC from the Eshop.

Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice also got a mention and will release on EShop exclusively later this year.

Dragon Quest VII is also coming and has been remade from the ground up. There is no content such as monsters, dungeons and more. You'll get a theme for free and can download and purchase on September 16 from the EShop.

Yo-Kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls were also mentioned. A demo is coming in mid-September, while the games launch at the end of September.

Sonic is back, again. Fire and Ice is out later this year and the game got a small mention during the Direct, although not for too long, mostly we were just reminded that it was on the way, a bit like we were with Shin Megami.

Yoshi's Wooly World is coming to 3DS, along with new stages. The Wii U game was pretty great, so we're happy to play on Nintendo's handheld. It has new features and also animated shorts too. You'll also get a yarn amiibo of Poochy if you like.

Ever Oasis got a mention next. It's an action RPG which takes place in a sprawling desert. As with any RPG you'll talk to natives, fight in dungeons and gather items to help others and grow the population of your oasis. 

Mario Sports Superstars is new and includes Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and Horseracing. The Soccer is 11vs11, while there is a tournament mode as well as local and online modes too. It's coming Spring 2017.

Pikmin are coming to 3DS in a new side-scrolling platformer. Red, Blue and Yellow Pikmin are all present and will utilise their various skills to help you through the game. Of course you'll also have to take on enemies too, but what else did you expect.

Pikmin is out in 2017.

Look out for all the Nintendo eShop title on our Digital Nintendo Store.

Edited On 01 Sep, 2016

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 5 months ago
I'll be getting all those Amiibos! plus the DLC for Hyrule warriors tonight :) Mario Maker will be good on the handheld - I never even thought of that! Quite a decent direct
Ravenous's avatar
Ravenous 5 months ago
I think the Yo-Kai Watch info is for the US release. I don't think the UK is getting them till next year.

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