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New Infinite Warfare interview gives some details on multiplayer modes

A new mode known as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare mode, known as Defender, has been revealed by USA Today

Speaking to to Infinity Ward's Dave Stohl, the studio head revealed more details on the mode, saying, "It's like playing keep away when we were kids. It's like having the ball and you're trying to keep it away from the other team.”

Combat rigs is another change to the multiplayer, which are special combat suits tailored toward how the player wants to approach combat. This allows you to opt for tactical, sniper rigs or more. Each rig features one of three weapons and traits to choose from.

“For years, we've had run-and-gunners, we've had assault rifle guys,” says Stohl. “We wanted to take a step toward giving the players a way to customise their equipment to their play style, which I think is really exciting.”

USA Today mentions some of the new weapons available, such as a "Claw capable of spread firing ammunition across a wide area or ricocheting bullets around corners." There are also Seeker Grenades and black hole grenades too, the latter of which can suck opponents out from cover.

“We've got all this cool new stuff, and people are going to want to try it, and that leads to discovery,” says Stohl. “And it's that discovery in the loadout that's so cool.”

Apparently the game will also take advantage of space through multiplayer's various maps, so you'll be able to battle on space stations and even an asteroid.

“It's very thematic,” says Stohl. “We wanted to go to these crazy locations and give people really new and amazing places to play in.”

Edited On 02 Sep, 2016

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