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PlayStation's TGS conference - As it happened

Sony kicked off its Japanese PlayStation conference was a cool line-up by talking about the New PS4, the PS4 Pro, before going on to mention Persona 5 is out on September 15 and reveal that it'll be accompanied by a limited edition bundle, packing in the new PS4.

Square Enix also came onto the stage to reveal the Final Fantasy 15 Lunar Edition PS4 Slim coming to Japan, which is a New PS4 with what seems to be a moon on it.

In addition PS Vita is also getting new colours. So that's something and shows that Sony still support the device in Japan at least.

Unfortunately after that we got a trailer for Watch Dogs 2 and the stream froze. Luckily we were able to watch in Japanese while we waited, so it was on to watching a trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Next up there was talk of Gundam VS and its 15th Anniversary and although we didn't get quite what was said, we figured out that Gundam Versus is being released for PS4.

Nier Automa will be released on February 23, 2017, although we presume that's the Japanese release date only. If it applies over here then we will find out later today. 

The trailer kept coming, with Everybody Golf up next. It's looking very polished, but at the same time exciting too. We can't wait for this one, although it's not coming until Summer 2017, so we have a bit of a wait.

Nioh was dated for February 9, 2017 and will be released worldwide on this date. So that's good news. Sticking with dates, Musou All Stars was also announced and will be released next year on PS4.

PlayStation Vr was next to be shown off, with a variety of experiences from Final Fantasy, Batman, PlayStation Worlds and all the other titles that we already know about in the west. We then got to look at a PSVR game from Namco where you help a school girl organise her life or something. The game is called Summer Lesson and we are pretty sure you'll never see it in the west.

There was another game shown with Dragon's, fantastical creatures and even someone rather evil looking. It looked pretty good, although it was dated for 2017 and there was no mention of a western release. Perhaps we'll find out more about that later on.

Here's a video.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has got itself a music video and it is coming to PlayStation VR. The band will be in the game battling zombies or something along those lines. I've no idea, in fact  at this point I'd no idea what was going on anymore. But sometimes you just have to perceiver.

Something interesting announced was PlayStation VR Anywhere, which lets you stream your smartphone to the headset, allowing you to use twitter in Virtual Reality. That's all we need really.

We also got word of a new Sports Live Streaming service for Japan which includes Football and other sports. PlayStation Now is also starting on PC in Japan, allowing those in the Far East to play games on their machines.

ForwardWorks is Sony's smartphone game development division in Japan and will be releasing titles for smartphones in the region.

Granblue Fantasy Re: Project Link was announced by Platinum Games for PS4 and VR. It's a 2018 title. It was actually a mobile game, though has been reworked as a fully fledged title for console and VR.

Kojima was next on stage. He said he was going to take a rest after MGS V, but due to demand from fans decided to set up a studio and create Death Stranding, which as we know as shown off at E3.

Death Stranding, we are told, is an action/open world game with online elements. Players are connects by a strand or other elements. Whatever that means. I lost the sound to be honest, so was reading between the lines. Finally, Death Stranding will support 4K and HDR.

Kojima will be talking more about the game during TGS, so we'll find out more for sure.

Somewhere in between all of this Earth Defence Force 5 was announced, although our stream crashed, so we must have missed that. Still we'll find the videos and post them up. In fact here is the video.

And that was that. Obviously this information comes from a livestream and not a very good one at that to be honest, since it kept crashing. So hopefully if any of the above information is relevant to us here in the west we'll get more information soon.

Edited On 13 Sep, 2016

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 4 months ago
Joe, watch the youtube version you posted on the other news thing - it worked perfectly all the way through for me :)
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 4 months ago
Added the video for Earth Defence Force. More to come on this story.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 4 months ago
I was really impressed, I'm glad they had Koei there, thought they would have shown off more games like Toukiden 2 - but I guess they didn't because its out over there, but not over here. Also, Yakuza was in the opening video but not the event - wonder if we will hear more about Yakuza 6 over the next few days?
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 4 months ago
that anywhere VR looks interesting as well - using your Phone in VR while changing the location you are in - I can see a lot of Japanese using that
Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 4 months ago
Cheers for the Videos Joe bit gutted Everybodys golf not out till summer 2017 was hoping it would be out by end of the year
Anonymous user's avatar
Jason 4 months ago
That was the main reason I bought a ps4 they promised Everybodys golf this year last year now this year its next year ram it up your jacksie sony im selling my ps4 dont use it anyway. Ill trade it in for an xbox controller

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