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A Journey with FIFA 17's Alex Hunter

Being from Glasgow I've always had the dream of scoring a goal for Glasgow Rangers. It was a dream when I was 10 and it still is now. What self respecting football fan doesn't imagine what it would be like to lace up your boots and walk onto the pitch in front of your team's adoring fans, with the chance to become a hero.

Well, thanks to FIFA 17 you sort of can, well, when I say sort of, you won't be playing as yourself, but instead Alex Hunter, an upcoming Manchester United star, who along with his best friend, Walker, has been given the chance to shine in the first team and while i've only had a taster of the demo, it was enough to convince me that this could be a rather special experience. 

Starting off by being shown into the dressing room, you can see both the joy and disbelief on both Hunter and his friend's face that they might just have made it. Of course they shouldn't get too carried away, because this is just the start of their journey and judging by the trailer at the end of the demo, it's one that'll have plenty of twists and turns.

For now you're starting the game on the bench, watching on as close friend Walker makes his first team debut. The coach is first to enter the dressing room, giving a pep talk about what's expected in this important match vs Chelsea and you're left in no illusion that a win is probably the best outcome to aim for. Once everyone leaves the dressing room, you're left alone with Hunter and a Mass Effect-style dialogue box pops up, giving you the chance to 'wish your friend well', tell him to 'get the three points' or to 'score one for you.' I wished him well, went in for the bro-fist and was denied. It appears that this guy could be trouble, despite him being a life-long friend.

Once the action starts you'll be given the option to play as Hunter or the Entire team. I opt for the latter and sit back as the action unfolds. You'll see the joy on Hunter's face as his friend scores, then the despair as Chelsea equalise. Now is your chance, as Mourinho calls on you to warm up and in doing so you're taunted by the opposition  asking "Who are ya?"

Walker comes off and just before you head onto the pitch, a bunch of objectives come up on the screen. 'Make an assist', 'impress the manager with a '7' rating or above' and of course, 'score a goal'. I go on to score a goal and set up Wayne Rooney as we head for a 3-1 victory. An '8.5' Rating ensures I impressed Mourinho, although I failed to be credited for setting anyone up, as a defection off the keeper's outstretched arms didn't count. Really I could have done better. Could you?

Once the match is over it's time to talk to the press and be greeted once again with the Mass Effect-style dialogue options. I think I did ok for my first press interview, it all seemed pretty friendly and non aggressive, so that's good.

And that was it. The demo was over, followed by a trailer that shows there is a lot of twists and turns to come in this game mode and to be honest it has reeled me right in. Football games are generally all about taking to the pitch with players whose name you know, but can't relate to. The Journey should help change that by giving you a real reason to see this one player succeed. I really can't wait to continue the story and find out just how far I can take Hunter in his bid to be a star.

FIFA 17 arrives on September 29 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and other formats. You can order below.

Edited On 14 Sep, 2016

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foskett's avatar
foskett 4 months ago
Must admit I feel this could be a defining season for the FIFA franchise with this mode in the bag, brings something completely different to the series which I'm sure will bring old fans back and new ones in.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jason 4 months ago
Not sure if your trying to crack a joke or not.....
SilverShane's avatar
SilverShane 4 months ago
I found it really cheesy and doesn't fit Fifa at all and Iv played Fifa for 7 years now I would them sooner have put more effort into some form of online manager mode
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 4 months ago
I just think it looks really interesting.

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