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Batman: A Telltale Series - Episode 1 & 2 Review

Telltale Game seems to have hit a decent formula with it’s episodic games based on popular franchises. Of course they do have some issues, such as offering a limited way to play, however when it comes to story telling they are great fun and can be quite consuming. The latest in this line of games is based on the Batman series and when it comes to story, that’s a pretty big franchise to take on. Thankfully then, Telltale’s style seems a perfect fit for Bruce Wayne and friends.

The story of Batman: A Telltale Series focuses on both Bruce Wayne and Batman, giving you an insight into Bruce’s family history, as well as his relationships with the likes of Mayor Hill, Harvey Dent, Selina and Cobblepot. Of course, being a Telltale game, how those relationships are defined is down to you, therefore while you are backing Harvey’s campaign to become Mayor, you can easily side with whoever you like.

While we didn’t review episode one, this review focuses on the story so far, which at the time of writing takes us to the end of Episode 2. Most of the first episode introduced us to Bruce, his relationships and the murder of his parents. Then there was the hint at things to come, thanks to the theft of a mysterious chemical and the hint of Cobblepot starting a revolution. Your choices in this episode define Episode 2 and could very well change the face of how Episode 2 plays out, so make sure that you make your choices wisely.

Episode 2 take a much different tact from the first. Here things really start to kick off, as Harvey prepares a debate against the current Major and Bruce finds out more about his father past. Batman meanwhile, decides to seeks Selina’s help and that’s something that may very well come in handy depending on how your conversation goes.

Both Episode 1&2 are heavy on dialogue, but also action. As with previous games, the action generally consists of a swipe of the analogue stick or a press of the face buttons. It’s hardly taxing stuff, although combined with the story it’s decent enough fun to play. Perhaps the main change comes in the fact that you can plan attacks, allowing you to decide how you’ll take down thugs, before the game plays this out for you, once again asking for the quicktime reactions before the takedown.

Being Batman, you also have the ability to use his drone to scan the area for thugs or clues. You can also link clues together in order to reconstruct what happened at a crime scene. This makes the game more interest as otherwise you’d just be hitting the button now and again, watching the story unfold.

Two Episodes into Batman: A Telltale Series and I’m very much enjoying watching the action unfold so far. As a fan of Batman, I’m excited for Episode Three, but at the same time I’d love for these Telltale games to evolve a little more. Having played through Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones, it all still feels very similar. I feel that something has to change if Telltale are to make any more games in this style and I can’t see that happening in the next four episodes of Batman. Who knows, maybe it will, either way though, Batman: A Telltale Series is still a game well worth playing, especially if you are a huge Batman fan.

Words by Joe Anderson
Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ It's Batman
+ Story seems strong
+ Some interesting twists


- Feels too similar to previous Telltale games

Edited On 21 Sep, 2016

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