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Criterion hopes to have news of Burnout Paradise backwards compatibility soon

Criterion has promised that it is still working on bringing Burnout Paradise to Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

"Patience, Paradise fans! This work is continuing and we hope to have more BC news soon," the Studio tweeted this morning.

The game originally launched in 2008 and ever since people have been clamouring for more, be that backwards compatibility or even better, a sequel. Unfortunately Criterion have said on many occasions that they are not working on a sequel, so it looks like backwards compatibility will need to do, whenever it gets here that is.

Edited On 21 Sep, 2016

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 4 months ago
Rather have a remaster with all the dlc included. That way the PC will finally get big surf island
Anonymous user's avatar
PHILIP 4 months ago
I played this to death even after 100% all trophies. Fantastic game.
Chrissay's avatar
Chrissay 4 months ago
I have this game on PS3, need the trophy for having 8 people in the baseball stadium at the same time :( really good fun though

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