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Rez Infinite 'Area X' gets a new PSVR Trailer

Area X, the new level included in Rez Infinite for PS4 and PS VR, has a new trailer.

"Area X is something that’s hard to put into words…but let me try," Tetsuya Mizuguchi, president and CEO, Enhance Games wrote. "Area X is a new level we’ve added just for Rez Infinite.

"Area X is an experiment. Area X is Rez, but it’s also not Rez... it’s something new.

"Like classic Rez, Area X is a designed to be a focused, replayable experience, that uses simple shooting mechanics as a means to induce 'synesthesia,' an effect where perceiving something with one sense triggers another sense – like you can 'see sounds,' or 'hear colours'.

"But other than that basic foundation, the team and I decided to throw away the rest of the formula and start fresh, both in terms of aesthetics and gameplay, building Area X through experimentation and iteration – try something, keep what worked, throw out what didn’t, try again – much in the same way United Game Artists and I created the original Rez so many years ago.

"Our goal was to create something that evoked the same excitement as Rez, but at the same time, something that felt unique. Something new. Something special all its own."

Here's the trailer.

Edited On 21 Sep, 2016

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