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Watch Dogs 2 - Have you questions answered by the developers

Watch Dogs 2 is out on November 15 and we have the opportunity to offer you, our customers, the chance to ask the developers a question about the game.

What's great about this is that you can ask your most burning questions about the game and we'll pick the most original and most popular to send to Ubisoft. Even better by asking a question there is also a chance to win a Watch Dogs 2 T-Shirt.

So if you have a question you think needs answered or see a great one posted from someone else in the comments below, then make sure to leave your thoughts. You have until September 28 to submit your questions, at which point we'll pick as many as we can so that you can get your answers.

Please leave your questions and comments below.

Edited On 25 Sep, 2016

( 39 )
 TruDarkAssassin's avatar
TruDarkAssassin 4 Weeks ago
what can we expect in terms of side quests and activitys e.g. like the drinking games and rampages in watch dogs
Anonymous user's avatar
Jason 4 Weeks ago
Will it be as much of a let down as the last one.....
Anonymous user's avatar
Elliot 4 Weeks ago
How much of the events of the first game will be referenced in the sequel? Which of the endings of the first game will be canon to the sequel?
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 4 Weeks ago
What are the 2 exclusive missions for the PSN store, and will they be available later as DLC to PS4 disc users and to Xbox users?
Anonymous user's avatar
Jason 4 Weeks ago
Glad you toldme that I dony buy any game that gives one platform more of a game than another, im paying the same money. I can knock this off the list although to be honest it was never very high up the list, ill get it when its under a tenner
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 4 Weeks ago
@super - if they are PS exclusive then chances are all PS owners, digital and physical will get them as a free download shortly after release - as usual in that situation - Can't see any info on them on Ubisofts shop either. My question would just be - are there more ways to hack and spy on people now? I loved watching people in their house having domestics etc... I hope there is more interactivity with the surrounding world.
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 4 Weeks ago
The 2 exclusive missions seem to be playstation store exclusive and not playstation exclusive. I can't see these missions in any other physical edition, PS4 or Xbox ONE or on the Xbox store.
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 4 Weeks ago
These 2 missions are preorder bonuses too. The only playstation exclusivity is that playstation users get access to dlc 30 days before everyone else. Also Xbox stores price is indicating that the price of deluxe edition will increase from £54.99 to £63.99 upon its release, yet on PSN store it will stay at £54.99.
Anonymous user's avatar
JOHN 4 Weeks ago
What is the overall gameplay time compared to the first one?
Anonymous user's avatar
Fae 4 Weeks ago
What kind of research did you do for recreating San Francisco? Any fun dev team trips to the city?
Anonymous user's avatar
Aaron 4 Weeks ago
How long is the games main story in comparison to the first game ?
Anonymous user's avatar
Aaron 4 Weeks ago
Will Aiden Pearce make an appearance in Watch Dogs 2 ?
Anonymous user's avatar
neko 4 Weeks ago
Hi, I loved the first game, and have played it alot. But I didn't really find any thrill to re-play the story. How much re-play value will the single player campaign have in Watch Dogs 2? Will there be alternative endings, collectibles, secrets etc? or is Watch Dogs 2 more focused on the multiplayer and co-op rather? thx
Sonic_gizmo's avatar
Sonic_gizmo 4 Weeks ago
What made you include another main character rather than the original Aidan Pearce? Also is T-Bones character on the same par or has he travelled down a different path in Watchdogs 2?
moviemaster1993's avatar
moviemaster1993 4 Weeks ago
Hi Watch Dogs Devs! My questions is about the DedSec, I don't like the loud, angry, dub-step script-kiddie hacker culture of children the real world has in it today. will Watch Dogs 2 show them as flawed or at least troubled? I loved how Aidan seemed to be a very selfish 3 dimensional character in the first game :~) Love from Liam.
Anonymous user's avatar
Stuart 4 Weeks ago
Any clues as to any movie/tv show references that might be made in the game? Was a few good ones in WD1, hopefully throw in a few from Mr Robot? :)
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 4 Weeks ago
actually, i would like to know if there will be any vr added for psvr and what improvements are present on the ps pro
Anonymous user's avatar
joshua 4 Weeks ago
How how long is the game going to be story wise?
Anonymous user's avatar
Craig 4 Weeks ago
A great feature of the original Watch_Dogs was how each part of Chicago was unique from the slums to the city. How do each of the areas in San Francisco differ from each other? Are there certain things we can only see or do in some districts? Can't wait for the game!
Anonymous user's avatar
lee 3 Weeks ago
What will the new mulityplayer side of the game have new
foskett's avatar
foskett 3 Weeks ago
Did you ever consider that tablets would be more functional for hackers rather than phones?
benlbamford's avatar
benlbamford 3 Weeks ago
So, why the change in city? Had Chicago nothing left to give?
Anonymous user's avatar
Ian 3 Weeks ago
How do you find the balance between referencing the first game and innovating to keep things fresh for returning players? What new innovations are the development team most proud of?
asha101's avatar
asha101 3 Weeks ago
With the rise of popular TV shows such as Mr Robot, will we see new techniques and concepts in regard to hacking?
burning_out's avatar
burning_out 3 Weeks ago
What is your favourite combination of hacks to use in the game (e.g. placing mines on vehicles and taking control to drive them into enemies)?
darkbeat's avatar
darkbeat 3 Weeks ago
San Francisco is home to a pretty "colorful" population. How many hipsters on unicycles and crazy drug addicts freaking out can we expect to see in Watch Dogs 2?
mastachaz's avatar
mastachaz 3 Weeks ago
why you decide to change main character ?
jazbur's avatar
jazbur 3 Weeks ago
With regards to the PS4 Pro version, are you implementing a specific 1080p mode and if so what will this offer? If not, what can 1080p TV owners expect from WD2 with a PS4 Pro? Thanks.
Anonymous user's avatar
James Ian 3 Weeks ago
Watch dogs was hyped at the release of PS4 using PC graphics and lies, how are gamers supposed to trust the development team after they blatantly mis-represented watch dogs 1? And how are we supposed to believe it will be better than last time??
bees knees out of 9's avatar
bees knees out of 9 3 Weeks ago
With a heavy influence on co-op and multiplayer how will watchdogs be as a solely single player experience.
Anonymous user's avatar
Liam 3 Weeks ago
Regarding the soundtrack, does San Francisco, California have a similar 'sounds of the city' vibe, akin to Chicago's brass bands (which I absolutely loved) from the first game? Will people unfamiliar with the location get a taste of the local music scene? Thanks for all your hard work and look forward to playing the game!
rosconet's avatar
rosconet 3 Weeks ago
What made you decide not to continue with Aiden Pearce as the main character and in what respects is Marcus Holloway similar/different to Aiden. Also will Aiden be returning and are any of the other characters from the original game going to make an appearance in Watchdogs 2?
Anonymous user's avatar
Kaleem 3 Weeks ago
How many types of vehicles are there? Are there more than the first installment? If so how many more varieties of transportation are there? Thanks!
Anonymous user's avatar
MARTIN 3 Weeks ago
I was curious as to how portable the codebase is? Would it be easy for a ubidev to combine mechanics and add hacking to grow up?
Anonymous user's avatar
Rami 3 Weeks ago
Will the PC version natively support the dualshock 4 like other Ubisoft titles? For example Far cry 4, Ac Unity/Syndicate and some others support it natively. I'm asking as that's the platform i've chosen to play the game on, thanks!
Anonymous user's avatar
JOSEPH 3 Weeks ago
What are some of your favourite changes you've made to Watch Dogs 2 based on feedback from the first game?
Blackxstar2's avatar
Blackxstar2 3 Weeks ago
Will the New protagonist and his team meet Aiden Pearce and T-Bone from the first game, or do they turn against each other and become enemies Player VS Aiden?
Anonymous user's avatar
Frances 3 Weeks ago
What was one of you're favourite moments in the original game and have any influenced the new game?
sporeboy100's avatar
sporeboy100 3 Weeks ago
I noticed drones in the gameplay, what can we do with drones? Can we remotely distribute wi-fi viruses to nearby devices to cause some mayhem amongst the locals?

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