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Rocket League's 'AquaDome' DLC arrives this October

Rocket League is to get a new Underwater update.

The free AquaDome DLC arrives in October and introduces a new underwater arena set within a glass dome. This means that you'll be firing up your rocket powered cars underwater, swimming alongside all manner of sea creatures as you try to get the better of your opponents.  

In addition, two new cars are on the way. The Proteus and Triton vehicles, although these aren't part of the update, so you'll need to pay for them. No UK cost has yet been revealed for these cars.

Edited On 22 Sep, 2016

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Jason 4 months ago
Great game great fun but I thought it just got silly at basketball to be honest. The milking has gone too far. Nice to see them supporting it but its over guys.
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 4 months ago
Milking? how can they be milking if they are releasing it for free?

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