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Forza Horizon to be delisted from Xbox LIVE

Xbox 360 racer Forza Horizon is to be delisted from the Xbox Store next month, although if you own it then don't worry, you'll still be able to download it in the future.

With Forza Horizon 3 releasing today, perhaps that's why the reason has been taking to remove the original game and all its DLC content. There would probably be an uproar if those who own it already couldn't download the game anymore, but thankfully Microsoft is smarter than to allow that to happen.

The original Forza Horizon is a fantastic game and is available via backwards compatibility, so if you want to try it out, make sure you do so before it disappears forever from next month.

Edited On 27 Sep, 2016

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superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 4 months ago
This is just weird. It just gets BC treatment, and then gets pulled. I wonder if the disc version will work on Xbox ONE still? Also the rivals feature has been temporarily disabled, whilst the game was free the rally expansion wasn't, where the feature also exits, preventing 2 achievements total from being unlocked. I also stuffed up my save last night to see if the rivals feature was only stuffed on xbox one, when I tried to play game on Xbox 360 I could not load game from cloud, it kept saying save was pending upload from other console, in efforts to get it working all my years of progress is now lost and back to square one.

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