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Here's a list of every PlayStation VR game arriving at launch (updated with lots of titles)

Sony's PlayStation VR launches on October 13 and we are compiling a list of the games you'll be able to play come launch. We are getting press releases every day announcing new titles, so building up to launch we'll keep adding to this list, however you can read what we've got so far below.

This list obviously includes both Retail and Digital titles, so there is a good mix of what to expect.

PlayStation VR launch titles and launch window titles (Launch unless stated / Retail)

- 100ft Robot Golf
- Ace Banana
Batman Arkham VR
- Battlezone
- Bound
- Carnival Games VR (October 28)
- DriveClub VR 
- Eagle Flight (November 8)
- Eve: Valkyerie
- Eve: Gunjack
- Fated: The Silent Oath  (Q4 2016)
- Harmonix Music VR 
- Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X
- Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live
- Headmaster 
- Here They Lie 
- Holoball (Q4 2016)
- How We Soar (Q4 2016)
- Hustle Kings VR 
- Job Simulator
- Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
- Kismet
- Loading Human: Chapter 1
- Moto Racer 4
- Pixel Gear (October 20)
- Pixel Ripped 1989 (Q4 2016)
- PlayStation VR Worlds
- Proton Pulse (Q4 2016)
- Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin (Q4 2016)
- Space Rift (Q4 2016)
- Sportsbar VR
- Star Trek: Bridge Crew (November 29)
- Star War: The VR Experience (Holiday 2016)
- SuperHyperCube
- Super Stardust Ultra VR
- Radial G (Q4 2016)
- Rez Infinite
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League
Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration – (Contains one PSVR-compatible mission, ‘Blood Ties’) 
Robinson: The Journey (Q4 2016)
- Rollercoaster Dreams
- Tethered (Q4 2016)
- Time Machine VR (Q4 2016)
- The Assembly
- The Brookhaven Experiment (Q4 2016)
- The Kitchen (Resident Evil 7 Demo)
- The Playroom VR
- Thumper
Trackmania VR (Q4 2016)
- Tumble VR
- Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
- VirZOOM (Q4 2016)
- Viva Ex Vivo (Q4 2016)
- Volume: Coda
- Waddle Home (November 3)
- Wayward Sky
- Werewolves Within (December 6)
- Weeping Doll (Q4 2016)
- Windlands (Q4 2016)
- Within
- World War Toons Open Beta

Future titles (2017)

- Farpoint
- Golem (Q1 2017)
- GNOG (Q1 2017)
- Korix (Q1 2017)
- Megaton Rainfall (Q1 2017)
- Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
- Statik (Q1 2017)
- XING: The Land Beyond (Q1 2017)

PlayStation Experiences (Launch unless stated)

- Allumette
- Atomic Ghost Fleet
- Cocos Shark Island
- David Attenborough’s First Life VR
- Harmonix Music VR
- Invasion!
- Kismet
- Littlstar VR Cinema
- Vrideo
- Within

We have yet to go hands on with the PlayStation VR or any of its games, however we are planning to bring you extensive coverage of the launch and will review as many of the game as we possibly to help you decide which titles are for you.

Should you know of any titles we have missed from the above list then please let us know below.

Remember that you can still pre-order PlayStation VR from ShopTo today.

Edited On 12 Oct, 2016

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listerdaleo's avatar
listerdaleo 4 months ago
robinson the journey i am most looking forward too
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 4 months ago
Ones I have on order are drive club, until dawn, tomb raider, loading human and 100ft golf. Should be enough to test it out :)
Bentleyma's avatar
Bentleyma 4 months ago
Can't wait for PlayStation VR! Got mine Pre-ordered. Got 5 days off work to play it too!
djkoopee's avatar
djkoopee 4 months ago
Can someone parse this down to actual games, and whatever passes for shovel ware???
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 4 months ago
@djkoopee - looking at the list I would say the majority of them are actual games. Even batman is technically, its only 2-3 hours long, but its a game. Virginia and Jazzpunk are games and they took less than 2 hours to complete on the PS4.
Anonymous user's avatar
PHILIP 4 months ago
I'm off work on release day too :-)
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 4 months ago
I have the 13th off - but only because if i'm not in when they try and deliver it then it will delay me getting it (like the pro). Has everyone read the blog on the playstation site about the Q and A - loads of things were answered - some things are 'questionable' like it has a pass through for 4k, but not HDR, so you will have to split the cable before it hits the processing box if you want HDR (which is silly but obv HDR was a last minute change in development) and all the VR demos will be online, so it doesn't matter if the US got a few more on the disk
Anonymous user's avatar
TOM 4 months ago
I can't wait for Robinson, hopefully preorders go up for it soon as I want it day one!
djextreme's avatar
djextreme 4 months ago
I pre ordered. Until dawn: rush of blood, Vr worlds, super stardust vr, Battle zone.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 4 months ago
I want this to be a 'thing' - I don't care if I have to download on my Jap account - http://www.totalpsvr.com/dynasty-warrioplaystation-vr/
rowie4life's avatar
rowie4life 3 months ago
"This list obviously includes both Retail and Digital titles, so there is a good mix of what to expect." Could you possibly put which are digital only?
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 3 months ago
They weren't lying when they said there were loads of devs working on VR games. The werewolf game could be good but I dunno how it would work - saw yogscast play it (irl) about 3 years ago. Plus it's nice to see a lot of originals and not just ports of PC games. You missed off dead or alive xtreme getting VR mode enabled as well :)
Phisix07's avatar
Phisix07 3 months ago
All these titles but we can still only pre-order 14 on PSN in the UK, where the US have access to all and demos >.< Still though when they finally do become available my choices are 1. Here They Lie 2. Robinson: the Journey and 3 EVE: Valkyerie
Anonymous user's avatar
James 3 months ago
Hey, what about Final Fantasy XV? I thought I saw somewhere that that is going to have a VR experience?
Anonymous user's avatar
Paul 3 months ago
now every psvr game should have a demo. some games prob could make you sick for some whilst the same may not. put a game up as a demo and you can see if the game is suitable
Anonymous user's avatar
Yasin 3 months ago
What Day are Shopto Dispatching the PS VR Headset Pre-Orders

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