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Job Simulator is a PlayStation VR launch title

As if I don't sit at this bloody computer working enough, now there is word that even gaming will be like sitting at a computer desk working now.

Yes, that's right, Job Simulator is coming to PlayStation VR next week, meaning that we can sit about at a desk, throwing coffee cups at the window and doing anything we can to waste time but actually work.

It's highly recommended that you use two PlayStation Move controllers in order to juggle tires, fling fruit, and throw a stapler at your boss. Who hasn't dreamed of doing that?

Check out the launch trailer below.

Edited On 06 Oct, 2016

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paulaw's avatar
paulaw 4 months ago
This is all very confusing. So its out for launch, that's great so I want to buy it... I cant see ShopTo selling it? I also cant see it listed on the PlayStation store... Why not :(
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 4 months ago
@paulaw - I imagine the majority of these smaller games will be download only so probably will appear on the day they come out. I think the us store has a bigger pre order selection at the moment, but we should have the same on Thursday :)
Chrissay's avatar
Chrissay 4 months ago
This game sounds like my real life haha

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