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Mantis Burn Racing Review

Mantis Burn Racing has arrived and will be one of the first games to support PS4 Pro, saying that though, it already looks and runs very well. Taking the guise of a top down racer, Mantis Burn offers up both a career mode, local racing and of course online multiplayer and it has to be said, it’s pretty great.

Career Mode is the best place to start out and there’s plenty of options here to keep you occupied. The career mode is made up of various seasons, starting with Rookie and slowly building you up through Pro seasons and all the way to Veteran. Seasons are made up of elimination matches, time trials, knockouts and more. There is even the ability to earn engine power ups and other improvements for your car, as well as the fact that you can level up as you progress through these various events. You’ll also earn gears as you progress, which will allow you to unlock new vehicles from within the garage.

The vehicles are varied and also customisable in that you can change the colour of the bodywork and the boost. It’s nothing major, but it’s good to have. You can also upgrade various parts of your vehicle, such as your engine, tyres, suspension, gearbox and boost. Vehicles range from sports cars to a truck, an off-road buggy and more, each of which have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Of course you are likely interested in the racing and this is where the real fun lies. You’ll start off in a desert environment, with the main aim to speed your way around a track. Most of the time you are drifting all over the place, around one corner and then the next. It’s all a bit overwhelming at first and hard to get into, especially since the wonderful looking environments almost distract from the action, which in terms of presentation looks nowhere near as good as what surrounds it. The dust flying up as you skid around corners, smashing fences as you mistime a corner and the lighting, which dulls as you go through tunnels, it’s all very impressive and therefore it takes a while to get your eyes away from that and onto what you should be concentrating on - the actual racing. Later in the game, an industrial area takes over from the dust and that just adds to the fantastic looks of this game. Racing is fun though and once you are used to taking everything in, you really begin to appreciate the overall package.

Away from the career mode, you have the local mode, which offers four player local split-screen and if that’s not enough there is also the eight-player online multiplayer, which itself offers you to the ability to race on any track from the game and in any game mode of your choice. You can even choose the difficulty level if you wish.

There aren’t too many quality top down racers about on console, so Mantis Burn Racing seems to fill a void here and with the promise of more content and upgrades, it’s only likely to get better as time goes on. The presentation is the standout by far, with highly detailed environments and effects, but the action, once you get used to it, is also pretty solid. This is a budget title and it’s well worth the price being asked for it.

Words by Joe Anderson
Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ Wonderful looking environments
+ Great effects
+ Fun racing action


- Car aesthetics not as impressive as environments

Edited On 12 Oct, 2016

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